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Chat Excerpt: "The RSI Solution" - "Degrees of Separation" -- A "Matrix" RPG

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May 1st, 2008

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11:51 am - Chat Excerpt: "The RSI Solution"
I've just put up the first chat log excerpt on the DegSep site. Hurrah!

A scene from the Battle of Camden Court, which was the first battle of the Matrix Wars. In this excerpt, Neo and Smith, who have been telepathically bound to each other for nearly ten months, find themselves attacked from an unexpected angle, an attack which might prove to be fatal for them both.

Now I feel all accomplished -- and exhausted. I think I might go and lie down for a bit before I have to exercise and head out to this afternoon's coffee meeting.

EDITED TO ADD: And another entry...

A scene in which Thyme, the mouse anthro assigned to watch over Neo following the RSI solution, interacts with both the One and the Opposite (comforting the one and fearing the other).

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