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mtx_deg_sep's Journal

"Degrees of Separation" -- A "Matrix" RPG
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This is the homesite for an RPG inspired by Laurie E. Smith's highly articulate "Matrix" AU fanfiction series "Degrees of Seperation". In her words:

"Some of you might remember the snippets I posted for a N/S fic called "Strange Attractors", at


"Well, I'm still in the process of writing the fic, plus two other stories in the series: "Acute Angles" and "Degrees of Separation". The last story has (much to my surprise) ended up spawning a roleplaying game among a small group of Matrix fan fiction writers, which has been going great guns for the last several weeks.

"The Degrees of Separation RP (shorthanded as DegSep) is set several months after the events of "Strange Attractors", in the eighth iteration of the Matrix (the one after that of the movies). DegSep's Neo is therefore the Seventh Anomaly.

" "Strange Attractors" took place in September 1999, Matrix time. Morpheus, in order to save Neo's life after it was discovered that being unplugged from the Matrix (and Smith's signal) sent him into a fatal coma, commandeered the Neb and fled Zion in order to keep Neo at broadcast depth, thus saving his life.

"Although now trapped in the Matrix (his body locked away in a pod in the belly of the Neb), Neo has not been idle: picking up on the promise he gave at the end of the first Matrix movie, he's been very busy playing "superhero", demonstrating to the masses that the rules of the system can be broken, saving lives, and working via the media and the internet to spread the word that the Matrix is a lie and the human race has been enslaved for decades. With the aid of the Neb's crew -- and, increasingly, of Smith -- he's been making significant progress.

"His actions have not gone unnoticed by several of the Matrix's more powerful Exiles, including the Merovingian and an ex-Agent from the second iteration named Shepherd. In August 2000, Shepherd joined forces with the Merovingian and began recruiting Exiles for a truly audacious undertaking: to overthrow the Architect and seize control of the Matrix, ending the cycles that destroyed Exiles with every reload.

"After the key Exile players were in place -- including the Sidhe, from the first iteration, and the animal-like anthropomorphs -- Shepherd approached and formed a provisional treaty with the human Rebels, including the renegade Morpheus and his crew. In return for their aid, Shepherd promised to do everything in his power to free human minds from the Matrix and rehabiliate the damaged Real, even though such a process might take centuries.

"Morpheus, Neo, Smith, et al arrive at the Chateau in late October 2000 to find preparations for war well underway. Will the combined forces of the Alliance be enough to overcome the Agents of the system, lock out the Architect, and secure control of both the Matrix and the Machine city, 01?"

This group is moderated, and those interested in playing (which is mostly done via AIM chat) will need to have their characters approved by the other players. Don't worry -- it isn't as hard as it sounds! Anyone interested, please feel free to drop us a line at crow_witch@canada.com